Flat metallic sandals. Yes.

Guess I know where I’ll be on 8 March a.m.

Flat sandals / Marni for H&M


Heart T-shirt, be mine

I’m thinking that -15° is the perfect temperature to stay at home and day dream about my summer wardrobe. Lovin’ the colourful summer collection of the Belgian brand Essentiel. That heart T-shirt is so mine!

On my wishlist

Super-sparkle sneakers / Miu Miu

Inspiration: Chanel shoes

These Chanel Mary Janes look fantastic with that mix of subtle retro shape yet modern open-toe cut. And while they are not dancing shoes, they definitely have that effect on me: they make me wanna swirl and dance ;-)

Photo credit: Chanel ad in Elle UK November 2011

One-piece or two-piece?

Rethorical question, of course. That would be quite cruel, having to choose between these beauties, don’t you think? ;-)

More of this gorgeous collection of swimwear on the Australian brand WeAreHandsome website here.

Smokin’ hot

Lusting after this very pink skirt. Love the back zip and the rough edges.

I wish I’d be wearing:

Silk skirt Jude Deluxe / Zadig & Voltaire

Pinch me hard, I am holding a Birkin bag!

Until recently I was having some mixed feelings about the famous Hermès Birkin bag. I just didn’t think the price was justified; the bag is beautiful, but not that beautiful, I thought.

I still haven’t changed my mind about its price tag but now that I had one in my hands* I must say it has this kind of timeless, essential beauty so characteristic of a truly great design. I really believe it is its aesthetic rather than its material value that makes it such a great object to pass on from mother to daughter.

This one is a 40 cm size and it has a very nice colour, an indefinite dark olive shade overlaid with a very subtle bronze hue. It sways from dark grey to lighter olive green adjusting to the colour palette one is wearing.

* This fab bag belongs to my friend Andreia who dragged me through the Hermès stores in Brussels and Paris, had a depression when she didn’t find one in stock (as if!), quickly recovered and had it ordered and delivered from Valencia the next week!