Summer shorts

There is no such thing as too many shorts for the hot Bucharest summer.

Cotton shorts / H&M


Born stylish

Look at all this cutesiness! Let me introduce you to my stylish holiday companion, Anastasia, my best friend’s daughter.

Down to the essentials

Phone, cash and cards, got them all covered with this adorable little iPhone bag I’ll be wearing from day to night this summer.

Side-slit dress in nude / COS
Black velvet dress / COS
iPhone bag / Jimmy Choo
3-bracelet set / Furla

Summer ready

A bit too early, you’d think? Well, not according to my recent (very pleasant) experience.

I went to Bucharest for a real winter holiday with temperatures well below zero °C and some snow last January *. Somehow, I ended up in Dubai for an unplanned holiday with friends.

I was rather unequipped for that, as you can imagine. I did my best to put together my luggage (i.e. ransacked the stores for a pair of denim shorts and jellies) – in vain!

In the end, my horrified-looked-at habit of wearing short sleeves and light clothes during winter time as well as skipping socks unless really really cold outside proved quite useful. Together with a lovely pair of rubber thongs borrowed from my pedicurist (and friend), I’d covered the bare necessities (thanks again so much!).

I’ll be going back home again soon; as it’s never sure where I might land up, this time I’ll be prepared ;-)

Ordered yesterday, delivered this morning. I’ll be wearing:

Maui glitter-rubber thong sandals / Jimmy Choo**

*As it happens, Belgium also experienced some incredible weeks of heavy winter with lots of snow. Missed that :-(

** I had these Tod’s rubber thongs on my wishlist since last summer; tried them on sales but they only had them left in violet. I’m so much happier with the Jimmy Choo’s. And what a great customer service, really!