Love a basic, love a bargain

I’ve been lusting after that Zadig & Voltaire fur-lined hoodie for a while, it’s just perfect for when I go to my swimming practice during the chilly days of autumn/winter. But then the price was on the WTF level and I was soooo undecided.

Fortunately there’s a H&M on my way to Z&V and I went in on a whim today. You know, just hoping they’d have thought about a basic piece such as the faux-fur lined hoodie that everyone needs this season. ‘Cause they do, don’t they?

And, as you can see, TOTAL SATISFACTION! I’ve even had two, in different colours, for the price. Still on the WTF level, bottom side though.

Cotton & faux-fur hoodie / H&M
Cotton & fur-lined (?) hoodie/ Zadig & Voltaire


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