Why I love COS #1*

I have mad love for COS. Nothing new there, huh?

That’s because I’m a minimalist at heart and like my colours neutral. That meant all black for me during quite a long period of time. Also, COS just screams quiet high-end luxury, even if their prices are much lower than you might think. In fact, it happened more than once to be asked if my outfit was Prada or Jil Sander** when I was wearing COS clothes.

However, even if the colour palette tends to be somewhat muted and subdued, there’s the occasional wild colour thrown into the mix. Of course, I couldn’t just escape the current vogue for brights and fruity prints. Actually, I quite enjoy it***. Especially when it combines a natural fibre such as cotton with a clean cut and an interesting little detail like the lap folded section.

So here I’m wearing:

Turquoise cotton dress / COS
Metallic gold sandals / Sergio Rossi
Metallic bronze leather Elisabeth bag – worn as a clutch/ Furla 

* Guess it’s a series. There are so many reasons why I love COS ;-)
** Absolutely love the Jil Sander SS2011 collection! Take a look here!
*** The bright colours. Fruity prints are still a no-go for me.


One Comment on “Why I love COS #1*”

  1. ccreative says:

    So cute! I need some Cos in my life…

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