Down to the essentials

Phone, cash and cards, got them all covered with this adorable little iPhone bag I’ll be wearing from day to night this summer.

Side-slit dress in nude / COS
Black velvet dress / COS
iPhone bag / Jimmy Choo
3-bracelet set / Furla


Smart shopping

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We were having a slash-’n-trash-at-my-closet girls evening with my friend M. the other day modelling outfits, sipping Italian spumante and talking clothes. She suggested I should share my views on wardrobe weeding* and smart shopping with you on my blog. Hope it’ll come in handy and just in time for the summer sales!

Now, I am not a fashion expert but I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to shopping. As it happens, I tend to do this a lot ;-)

Here is my 9-step smart shopping process that I developed for myself:

  1. Go shopping often**. It doesn’t mean you always have to buy something but most shops bring in new items weekly and in limited stock; I prefer checking out regularly until I find something that I really LOVE***.

  2. Avoid week-ends. Preferably shop in the mornings. There’s barely a soul in the shops at the opening time during week-days, you have plenty of space to peruse the clothes rails, no queuing at the fitting rooms (valuable one!), no limit to the number of items you can try and available shop assistants to help/advise you.

  3. From time to time check shops where you would not normally go (assuming they are not your style, too expensive etc.).

  4. Try anything that attracts your eye, even if on second thought you’d dismiss them as unfitting, not your style, too tight etc. You’ll be surprised how good some of them can make you look once you try them on.

  5. Try anything that even remotely corresponds to the item you’re looking for. Or not. Again, you’ll be surprised.

  6. How do you feel wearing the new item? Does it INSTANTLY make you feel handsome? Confident? Sexy? Brings a [smug] SMILE on to your face? Then it might make a good investment.

  7. Make sure the new item you’d like to buy matches at least 3 other items in your closet. I would even say you should be able to compose at least 3 FULL OUTFITS with the new item. If they’re also different styles, even better. This is VERY important. What use of a great piece of clothing if you cannot ever wear it? Or if every time you’re wearing it, you look like you’re dressed the same?

  8. Buy expensive designer items on sale****. Unless you’re quite the fashionista, they will well continue being on trend next year and the year after etc.

  9. Talking about sales, I very much like to go in the shops a couple of days before the sales start, spot the items I like, try them out, make a mental note of those that fit the criteria listed above and come back to buy them on sales. What’s more, this is when you can also see where your fav items will be arranged in the shop – thus facilitating finding them quickly on D-day – as sales assistants usually need a few days to organise the merchandise.

And here’s my take on point no. 7, a slideshow of outfits built around my new 2011 summer staple, the denim mini*****: a sporty outfit for when I go to my swim practice, a smart-chic outfit for an evening out (I’m thinking Louise Night), a casual Friday outfit and a relaxed denim-on-denim outfit for the week-end.

Okay. This post is long enough without the usual details of my outfits. But if you’re interested, feel free to ask in the comments section and I’ll be happy to share ;-)

* What with women typically wearing 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Definitely a topic to develop in a later post.
** I see you smiling! ;-) Keep reading, I promise this is not only about shopping love, there’s a smart way to do it too ;-)
*** I might have a slightly problem here seeing as I love LOTS of things. Too many talented designers out there ;-)
**** Okay, if you can refrain. I can’t always.
***** The one I’m wearing is a recent buy from Zara. I swear I played those outfits in my mind while trying it out in the fitting room. And a few more others btw ;-)

Return of the flat shoe.. my life, that is. Have you ever felt oddly cute in an outfit you never wore? Nothing like re-discovering old things – it’s like they’re new again!*

Relishing in foot comfort and softness with my newly re-discovered collection of ballerinas, today I’m wearing:

Cork and pink flats / Pretty Ballerinas

*Wait, they ARE new ;-)

One-piece or two-piece?

Rethorical question, of course. That would be quite cruel, having to choose between these beauties, don’t you think? ;-)

More of this gorgeous collection of swimwear on the Australian brand WeAreHandsome website here.

Pretty cute, n’est-ce pas?

There’s nothing not to love about this cute little skirt: the fabric (100% cotton), the blue print, the girlie cut, the delightful convenient side pockets and, last but not least, its oh-so-reasonable price (7,99 €).

I’m wearing:

Cotton skirt / H&M
Klein blue pull-over / Comptoir des Cotonniers
Beaded bracelet / COS

Why I love COS #2

So, back to the original reason: black and white with a twist.

It’s little details and interesting quirks such as this very small collar on a buttonless white shirt or the leather top layer on a classical linen skirt that make COS the savvy fashion business women’s go-to shop for stylish, sleek officewear.

I picked this outfit for a photoshoot* we did for our corporate website. I was wearing:

White shirt / COS
Linen and leather skirt / COS
Two knots black leather bracelet / COS
Golden skull watch / Zadig & Voltaire
Black sandals / Ferragamo

* Photocredit:

Why I love COS #1*

I have mad love for COS. Nothing new there, huh?

That’s because I’m a minimalist at heart and like my colours neutral. That meant all black for me during quite a long period of time. Also, COS just screams quiet high-end luxury, even if their prices are much lower than you might think. In fact, it happened more than once to be asked if my outfit was Prada or Jil Sander** when I was wearing COS clothes.

However, even if the colour palette tends to be somewhat muted and subdued, there’s the occasional wild colour thrown into the mix. Of course, I couldn’t just escape the current vogue for brights and fruity prints. Actually, I quite enjoy it***. Especially when it combines a natural fibre such as cotton with a clean cut and an interesting little detail like the lap folded section.

So here I’m wearing:

Turquoise cotton dress / COS
Metallic gold sandals / Sergio Rossi
Metallic bronze leather Elisabeth bag – worn as a clutch/ Furla 

* Guess it’s a series. There are so many reasons why I love COS ;-)
** Absolutely love the Jil Sander SS2011 collection! Take a look here!
*** The bright colours. Fruity prints are still a no-go for me.