Oh, I love a scarf

Scarves? Printed patterns, bold colours, neutrals, got a wardrobe stuffed full of them. It’s just that I don’t get to wear them much. I so admire the way some people wear something like a hat or a scarf, but when it comes to pulling the look off for me, well, I stumble. Or I just look like the scarf is about to choke me*.

So, maybe I am just not a scarf-girl. You know, just like I am not a trench-girl. Or a throw-anything-on-and-still-look-fab girl**. I’m quite fine with this last one. There’s so much you can ask from mother nature ;-) Also, I have yet to find the trench that would look anything but dull on me. My last try was my friends M’s black Burberry trench. I mean THE reference brand when it comes to trenches, I put it on and.. flat stare from M. Followed by my comment: told you, boring? Followed by another flat stare and a [warm] nod. But that’s fine too. As you probably know, I kind of found my own way about the Burberry trench lately.

Scarves now, there’s still hope. I hope. Seeing how my wardrobe is stuffed full of them. And my hopes have just been raised by this amazing video tutorial of Wendy from wendyslookbook.com on 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4,5 minutes****.

I am wearing my top three favs:

The Infinity / Zara bold red scarf
The Bunny Ear / Neutrals patterned Stefanel scarf
The Turtle Neck *SO NOT*

* Literally. One day I was going to a business meeting and I was proudly wearing a new scarf wrapped around my neck in a kind of a turtle-neck style***. Saw my client, broadly smiled at her and said hello. She looked at me, bent her head a little, looked again (at my neck) and asked: what.. happened..? Do you have a sore throat or.. something? I’m telling you, veeeery humiliating moment. I even choked a bit, no pun intended ;-)

** Because, I know it, and you know it (though it might stung a bit) there are such girls. I know a couple of them. Really. My best friend, for example ;-)

*** Had to reconsider this statement after seeing Wendy’s video, keep reading

**** Isn’t she fast! Took me a bit longer to get through them all (try multiplication by tens?). Happy with the result though :-)


2 Comments on “Oh, I love a scarf”

  1. Andreia says:

    Asta-i tare rau! Really!!!

  2. Andreia says:

    Ah! Am uitat… Si prima poza este superba:)

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