Another way to wear the Burberry Trench

I’m wearing mine as eye make-up from the Burberry Beauty line launched last summer.

I love the natural make-up in the Burberry adverts and I hardly waited for the opening of their boutique in Brussels this spring. So I was quite disappointed to learn they are not selling their make-up products there. But hey, they do have a beauty point near enough, at the Galeries Lafayette where I was sure to go during my recent trip to Paris.

My friend and I had a make-up demo and happily departed with quite a few items. I especially love their sheer eye shadows and their mascara which is really, really good.

My eye make-up in the photo below is by my friend Andreia, who – we discovered – is super talented at it! ;-) There are also some nice make-up tutorials by Burberry on you tube.

I am wearing:

Eye shadow Trench no. 02
Eye shadow Rosewood no. 09
Eye definer Midnight Ash no. 03
Mascara Midnight Black no. 01

Andreia is wearing:

Eye shadow Slate Blue no. 15
Eye shadow Pearl Blue no. 16
Eye shadow Tea Rose no. 11
Eye definer Midnight Blue no. 04
Mascara Midnight Black no. 01


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