A contemporary take on a 70’s trend

It was love at first sight with these Ferragamo* wedges**. Bought them on a winter sales two years ago or so. I found them so beautiful! I never wore them much though; they are quite high and not that comfortable even for that period of my life when things like painful, impossibly high heels were completely obscured by my love of a statement shoe.

And this they are. Wear them with a pair of high-waist flared jeans to make a turning heads outfit. Tried and tested ;-)

This spring I might be wearing:

Textile and bronze leather satin-heel wedges / Ferragamo
High-waist flared jeans with front pockets / Notify
Blue & white striped shirt with ruffled collar / River Woods
Braided textile belt with round plastic buckle / H&M

Told you I was a fan. And wait, there’s more to come about me & Ferragamo love in future posts.
**  I couldn’t decide which photo to post: The ‘1977 effect’ one to show the beautiful bronze shades of the shoes or the ‘Walden effect’ pic giving it a full denim approach. Which one do you like most?


2 Comments on “A contemporary take on a 70’s trend”

  1. ccreative says:

    It’s gotta be 70’s all the way baby! I also love a good wedge. Cristina, if I could somehow get to your wardrobe (from all the way across the world!) I would steal them, for sure ; )

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