Another way to wear the Burberry Trench

I’m wearing mine as eye make-up from the Burberry Beauty line launched last summer.

I love the natural make-up in the Burberry adverts and I hardly waited for the opening of their boutique in Brussels this spring. So I was quite disappointed to learn they are not selling their make-up products there. But hey, they do have a beauty point near enough, at the Galeries Lafayette where I was sure to go during my recent trip to Paris.

My friend and I had a make-up demo and happily departed with quite a few items. I especially love their sheer eye shadows and their mascara which is really, really good.

My eye make-up in the photo below is by my friend Andreia, who – we discovered – is super talented at it! ;-) There are also some nice make-up tutorials by Burberry on you tube.

I am wearing:

Eye shadow Trench no. 02
Eye shadow Rosewood no. 09
Eye definer Midnight Ash no. 03
Mascara Midnight Black no. 01

Andreia is wearing:

Eye shadow Slate Blue no. 15
Eye shadow Pearl Blue no. 16
Eye shadow Tea Rose no. 11
Eye definer Midnight Blue no. 04
Mascara Midnight Black no. 01


Working the clutch trend

I resisted the clutch trend for so long and now that I relented I can’t understand why I was so slow on the uptake. It is so versatile and the perfect accessory from day to evening.

I am wearing:

Turquoise snake leather clutch* / Sergio Rossi
Cropped jeans / Armani
Bare-back grey T-shirt with turquoise bow on the back/ Zadig & Voltaire

*borrowed from my friend whose closet is full of awesome things to be seen on my blog soon

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

But if, like me, you can’t actually afford it, Tom Binns is offering quite the playful, [and slightly] more reasonable alternative.

I received mine as a gift from my best friend and I am wearing it with everything from a simple white or black T-shirt to a more classical outfit for a hint of rockability.

In the pics below, my friend and I are wearing sterling silver Swarovski crystal necklaces from the designer’s Anti-Luxxx line:

Big fuck off diamond / Tom Binns
Big fucking sapphire / Tom Binns

Bag on display ‘aux Jardins du Palais Royal’

I went to Paris with my friend for some shopping this week-end. Half-way through our day, we stopped in the small inner courtyard at the entrance of the Jardins du Palais Royal.

Those arty pillars with their black & white stripes made quite the perfect resting spot for us and our black Prada travel bag.

Protecting your face from working dust with a 900 € Lanvin clutch, why not?

My best friend came to visit me yesterday for a long week-end of cheeky conversations, ongoing laughs and shopping. Naturally.

We passed a working area on our way to the shops and she was walking behind me complaining about the dust. I turned to her to reply and saw her futilely trying to protect her face with her very expensive Lanvin clutch requiring a more severe beauty routine than her own regular skincare*; we both couldn’t stop laughing afterwards ;-)

She was wearing:

Blackish grain leather clutch / Lanvin
Sunglasses / Wayfarer RayBan
Soft black pullover/ Massimo Dutti
Simple black T-shirt / Zara
Jeans / H&M
Black flats / Louis Vuitton

* that Lanvin clutch is quite a beauty and deserves a post to itself. Coming soon!

A contemporary take on a 70’s trend

It was love at first sight with these Ferragamo* wedges**. Bought them on a winter sales two years ago or so. I found them so beautiful! I never wore them much though; they are quite high and not that comfortable even for that period of my life when things like painful, impossibly high heels were completely obscured by my love of a statement shoe.

And this they are. Wear them with a pair of high-waist flared jeans to make a turning heads outfit. Tried and tested ;-)

This spring I might be wearing:

Textile and bronze leather satin-heel wedges / Ferragamo
High-waist flared jeans with front pockets / Notify
Blue & white striped shirt with ruffled collar / River Woods
Braided textile belt with round plastic buckle / H&M

Told you I was a fan. And wait, there’s more to come about me & Ferragamo love in future posts.
**  I couldn’t decide which photo to post: The ‘1977 effect’ one to show the beautiful bronze shades of the shoes or the ‘Walden effect’ pic giving it a full denim approach. Which one do you like most?