It is that time of the year: flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, there’s still this weakening burst of cold wind breezing but I don’t mind because there’s this gorgeous sun out there on a blue, blue sky and I am enjoying my first artichoke* of the year on a green hill in the Woluwe Park.

I am wearing [close your eyes and make-believe]:

Grey jersey mini dress with blue & white front stripped pockets / COS
White sneakers** / Converse
Grey bag with lateral zippers/ Furla

* Artichoke is permanently linked to Belgian spring for me***. I tasted artichoke for the first time here, in Belgium, during a beautiful spring day much as this one, one of the first days of the year when we could eat outside. My at-that-time-boyfriend’s mother prepared a perfect artichoke with the yummiest vinaigrette and those moments – the courtyard, the flowers, the people, their smiles, the sun and the discovery of that new flavour just stayed with me.
** Took them off as soon as I reached the park, put my feet on the cold grass, closed my eyes, turned my face to the sun, breathed and smelled the wind and simply enjoyed being there.
*** Although the local production only starts in June according to my Seasons iPhone app. But it is imported as from Feb/Mar according to the same source. Am I actually referring to an app as a source of information?! ;-)


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