Lush green Belgian spring landscape: all in a COS dress

This was supposed to be a post about cycling-on-a-glorious-sunny-day-from-Brussels-to-the-Strépy-Thieu-boat-lift, full of sunbathed pictures of the lush green Belgian spring landscape and me smiling on my (borrowed from my friend) bike pretending the 60 km ride is nothing but effortless when you’re wearing a pair of bright yellow Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

These, at least, I had already decided to wear today. For the rest of the outfit I was planning to ransack my friend’s closet considering that he’s a frequent bike rider* and I am.. well.. NOT.EVER.RIDING.A.BIKE.

Unfortunately the cycling trip got cancelled** but I guess the lush spring green must have stayed imprinted on my subconscious somehow. Otherwise how can I explain the irresistible attraction I felt towards this green dress from COS that joyfully joined my growing collection of little colour dresses?

* So he should know what items are absolutely essential to counterbalance my exclusively esthetical approach to cycling
** Get better soon Tim, I’m sure my readers are all impatient to see my (exhausted yet triumphant) smile after those 60 km!


One Comment on “Lush green Belgian spring landscape: all in a COS dress”

  1. Stefan says:

    Nu ma mai satur citind si recitind. O sa-ti fac un rating ridicat.

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