Jewelry box

I’m not much of a jewelry person. Or that’s what I’d spontaneously answer if I was asked the question.

I was looking for a bracelet* to spice up my outfit today and I couldn’t but notice that somehow, I have accumulated quite a jewelry box over time. Loyal to my two brands of choice, my accessories love is equally split between Furla and COS ;-)

Here are some of my Furla favorites. Let me tell you, that squirrel-eating-a-hazelnut or the golden leaf necklaces can do wonders on a simple black (or white) t-shirt!

I was lucky to buy that crystal ‘snowball’ necklace and bracelet in Istanbul a couple of years ago. Caught sight of them in a small multi-brand boutique and had to wait impatiently for the store to open for the three days of the Şeker Bayrami, the religious holiday following the Ramadan. Well, I did not know about that holiday then  – quite confusing as some other stores were open – so I kept returning there every day hoping they’d open before my holidays were finished!

Today, I’m wearing:

Black & white crystal-ball earrings / Furla
Simple white t-shirt / COS
Black padded-shouldered zipped cardigan** / COS
Cut off jeans / Zara
White sneakers / Converse
Black bag with silver chain ornament / Furla

* ended up with earrings (as seen below)
** à la Balmain I shall add, to give you a full picture


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