Budget denim, high satisfaction nonetheless

If you’re anything like me you probably have a dozen (or more) of denims in your closet and still try to find that perfect pair of jeans.

I’ve tried them all brands*, I even own a few pairs of the most reputed ones. Used to swear by 7ForAllMankind and Notify, I was in love with my friend’s Stella McCartney boyfriend jeans** and daydreamed about the Current Elliotts and other J Brands.

These days, I’m most happy with my Zara budget denim tailor-made*** with a decisive scissors cut by yours truly.

I’m (happily) wearing:

Cigarette jeans / Zara
Dark blue stone embellished flats / Miu Miu

*Well, almost. Every time I see a new model, I’m tempted to try it, even if I know all too well I do not need it. But then, who buys clothes because they need them? ;-)

**Still am albeit the pitiless comment they elicited from my elder sister when she first saw me wearing them: “They are so NOT feminine!” Well, yeah, it’s a boyfriend cut. Still feminine – says I – but in an unconventional way? ;-)

***Which is another way to say “shortened to fit my 1,60 cm”; everyone knows, they make these impossible long trousers at Zara ;-)


One Comment on “Budget denim, high satisfaction nonetheless”

  1. Your selection of jeans looks pretty impressive! So funny how sometimes the perfect item doesn’t have to cost much at all. Love how you’ve cut off the jeans! xx

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