Summer ready

A bit too early, you’d think? Well, not according to my recent (very pleasant) experience.

I went to Bucharest for a real winter holiday with temperatures well below zero °C and some snow last January *. Somehow, I ended up in Dubai for an unplanned holiday with friends.

I was rather unequipped for that, as you can imagine. I did my best to put together my luggage (i.e. ransacked the stores for a pair of denim shorts and jellies) – in vain!

In the end, my horrified-looked-at habit of wearing short sleeves and light clothes during winter time as well as skipping socks unless really really cold outside proved quite useful. Together with a lovely pair of rubber thongs borrowed from my pedicurist (and friend), I’d covered the bare necessities (thanks again so much!).

I’ll be going back home again soon; as it’s never sure where I might land up, this time I’ll be prepared ;-)

Ordered yesterday, delivered this morning. I’ll be wearing:

Maui glitter-rubber thong sandals / Jimmy Choo**

*As it happens, Belgium also experienced some incredible weeks of heavy winter with lots of snow. Missed that :-(

** I had these Tod’s rubber thongs on my wishlist since last summer; tried them on sales but they only had them left in violet. I’m so much happier with the Jimmy Choo’s. And what a great customer service, really!


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