Pretty things come in twos

At least in my closet. I never buy two of the same colour but I do have quite a few pairs of bracelets, shoes and clothes in different colours. Bags too. Come to think of it, there’s even a triplet for some of my accessories*.

Pairs of bracelets / COS

*How not to, with Furla’s Elisabeth line?!


One key colour piece

I’ve been lusting after this COS patent leather yellow clutch for a while.

Princess dress

I love everything about this dress: its silky texture, the print patterns, the bold, warm colours, the way it subtly floats around my body when I move, the perfect décolleté and those soft-bell sleeves that are just the right detail to make me feel like I’m wearing a princess dress.

Printed silk dress / Essentiel*

*Essentiel is a Belgian clothing line from Antwerp. Check out their 2011 summer collection here.


It is that time of the year: flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, there’s still this weakening burst of cold wind breezing but I don’t mind because there’s this gorgeous sun out there on a blue, blue sky and I am enjoying my first artichoke* of the year on a green hill in the Woluwe Park.

I am wearing [close your eyes and make-believe]:

Grey jersey mini dress with blue & white front stripped pockets / COS
White sneakers** / Converse
Grey bag with lateral zippers/ Furla

* Artichoke is permanently linked to Belgian spring for me***. I tasted artichoke for the first time here, in Belgium, during a beautiful spring day much as this one, one of the first days of the year when we could eat outside. My at-that-time-boyfriend’s mother prepared a perfect artichoke with the yummiest vinaigrette and those moments – the courtyard, the flowers, the people, their smiles, the sun and the discovery of that new flavour just stayed with me.
** Took them off as soon as I reached the park, put my feet on the cold grass, closed my eyes, turned my face to the sun, breathed and smelled the wind and simply enjoyed being there.
*** Although the local production only starts in June according to my Seasons iPhone app. But it is imported as from Feb/Mar according to the same source. Am I actually referring to an app as a source of information?! ;-)

The Thrill of Brazil

My new favourite: The Thrill of Brazil by OPI.

I love OPI! I had my best nail colour experience in Warsaw a couple of years ago at the local OPI bar. Never since had I encountered such a perfect stroke of (nail polish) brush; that girl was a true artist :-)

Lush green Belgian spring landscape: all in a COS dress

This was supposed to be a post about cycling-on-a-glorious-sunny-day-from-Brussels-to-the-Strépy-Thieu-boat-lift, full of sunbathed pictures of the lush green Belgian spring landscape and me smiling on my (borrowed from my friend) bike pretending the 60 km ride is nothing but effortless when you’re wearing a pair of bright yellow Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

These, at least, I had already decided to wear today. For the rest of the outfit I was planning to ransack my friend’s closet considering that he’s a frequent bike rider* and I am.. well.. NOT.EVER.RIDING.A.BIKE.

Unfortunately the cycling trip got cancelled** but I guess the lush spring green must have stayed imprinted on my subconscious somehow. Otherwise how can I explain the irresistible attraction I felt towards this green dress from COS that joyfully joined my growing collection of little colour dresses?

* So he should know what items are absolutely essential to counterbalance my exclusively esthetical approach to cycling
** Get better soon Tim, I’m sure my readers are all impatient to see my (exhausted yet triumphant) smile after those 60 km!

OMG I am in love today..

..with this green Philip Lim bag!

Made me add a new ‘Wishlist’ category on my blog. How did I miss that btw ;-)

Photocredit Garance Doré / See original photo here