Heading to the pool

Blue & white stripped jumper / COS
Swimwear / Champion
Cap / Arena
Goggles / Speedo


Kick-off outfit

Thought it might be fun to record my work wear outfits, look back and see how I coped with those ‘what should I put on today? staring at my closet’ moments ; -)

So here I start, when I actually quit my job in an established company to launch my own consultancy business. That brought lots of changes at all levels in my life and a tremendous wardrobe change too.

Anyway, this is what I used to wear at work:

Crispy white shirt with the smallest collar / COS
Black cropped pants / COS
Black strappy sandals (not seen) / Ferragamo

Photocredit: www.dominikgajerski.com

My first pair of white Converse